A Saviour is Born


I believe your writing is growing ever more creative, brilliant, delusional, and bizarre.  Like VanGogh (or something).  I like that!  This is good!  And *very* good indeed to see..

I see the sign of an impending and rare cosmic event about to burst forth in the heavens heralding the birth of the blossoming of a true genius and Saviour transporting us into a blissful new age so we can finish all that unfinished business known as "the Sixties".  But without the complications which are all about to be solved.  This time no one will miss out on *any* of it!  Unless they're really really screwed up.  Keep it coming!  I'll make sure it's seconded.  Even though no one will understand.  It doesn't matter.  You will be Crucified for it.  They always are.  But I wouldn't worry about it.  Everything will all be Just Fine (after the annoying part) -- best not to think about it.  Remember it could be always be worse somewhere else (I think, but you never know).  Just keep your mind focused on your Resurrection into the Heavenly Constellationary beside "and reigning over" all our other persecuted, rejected and crucified Gods and Saints of the Ages who finally figured it all out and the solution and in joyous Revelation proclaimed it to all.  Only to find themselves winding up like their predecessors dying like a starving craven dog.  If they were lucky.  But don't worry about it.  All this bodes well for *our* future (if not for yours, sorry).

"..and heard it one last time.."     

"Sail On! .. Sail On!

       Sail On! ... and On!"

Wars and sibling rivalries will cease.
Money will be taken from the bad and given to the good.
Mankind will finally "get it".

"Sail On! .. Sail On!" ..

Ballads will be sung with your praises in vast Parades down Wall Street.  And Holidays will be proclaimed in your name.  And the highest and holiest one will be called Billmas.  And every year upon this day Popes and Kings will trek over vast desolate deserts, starving and going mad chasing mirages in search of you to bow before and bring Frank, Incense, and Muir to offer seeking forgiveness, redemption and Salvation.

"..and to hear it one last time.."

Looks good.
Real good.
Good wishes.