Amnesia Epidemic

  "I don't know anything"

This concept of people "not knowing things" is starting to interest me.
Why don't they know things?
What exactly "don't they know"?
And when did they first know they didn't know it?

Why don't they know something they should know anyway?
Like that 2 year term limit.

Then there's those who "don't want to know"
Why don't they want to know?
Maybe they know something they don't want me to know they know.

I had to mail her another copy of those Bylaws I gave her.
Opened to that page with that term limit on front.

Why are they always disappearing?

I mentioned that 2 year term limit to everyone at the Election last year.  
Seems like "no one wanted to know".  Silence.  Not a "hot topic" I suppose.

"I don't know anything"
Seems like I'm starting to hear that a lot now.

People aren't feeling well.
"I have a headache"
They seem to be disappearing..

"I don't know anything"

How are you supposed to figure it all out if no one ever tells you anything?
Ask a question like that, and you find yourself placed in the "deep freeze".

"loose cannon" I told my mother in a phone call once. 
"I didn't say it" she said.

Odd.  I heard it again at a lecture.

Maybe they know something..
Or maybe they don't.
Because I haven't told them yet.
Who knows what they know, eh?
If I never say anything. 
Or feel I shouldn't say anything.

Maybe they wanted to know and I didn't know they wanted to know.
"What am I supposed to say?"

"I don't know what to say anymore"

Or maybe it's:
"Children should be seen and not heard"
Maybe they'll get spanked or something..
If they get out of line.  Like at that Chatterbox meeting.

Why hasn't anyone ever asked me what I know?
Maybe "they don't want to know".
Because they already do.

It's like some kinda weird Amnesia Epidemic.
Like an Election.
That no one knows anything about.
Or maybe whoever's in office "doesn't want to know".
Who are they, anyway?
Maybe they "don't want to know".