"A request for admission forms"

March 16, 2007

Nice to talk to you on the phone yesterday.

Sounds like you might know something about how this thing called "The County of Santa Clara" works.  And "all the rest".  I haven't a clue myself.  As well as a slew of questions.  But will spare you from the "deluge" for now.  For my desk is strewn with letters to finish writing that must be sent.

There was a reason I called up your office and asked you the question:

"How does the Superior Court Judge enforce a Grand Jury Report?"

and gathered from our conversation that it can't be.  And I do indeed see upon the letterhead that starts with words: "Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara" (that seeks volunteers for the Civil Grand Jury); not the seal of our County but "The Great Seal of the State of California".  And appreciated learning that the County does not finance the Superior Court.  And that it comes from the State.

Thanks for helping me out there.

Anyway, I was wondering if you could do a favor for me.

I would like to see what some documents look like that our County pays for with my taxes.  That are presented to someone to sign when they are admitted to the facility whose telephone number is (408) 885-6100 but cannot be found upon any document they are left with.  So I was wondering if you could be so kind as to call them up for me and request copies of all of the documents they are given to sign when admitted.

I simply would like to see what they all look like.  And what they say upon them.  And how many there are.  And what each one is called.  So that when someone wishes to request them they will know what to ask for.  And know that they have been given a complete set.  And that none will be missing.  And that they're not crazy.

After you receive these forms, I could well understand how you might not want to mail them to me (since you don't know me).  So perhaps instead (if you wish) you could simply leave a message on my answering machine (and/or email me) telling me that my request has been fulfilled.  And invite me over to pick them up.  I know this may sound strange, but I'd also like to know the ORDER in which these documents are presented to someone when admitted.  And any training procedures, rules, laws, "informed consent" etc. that are applicable as to how these documents are presented at admission.  And how these rules and laws are enforced.  And the governmental bodies responsible for this oversight (licensing etc.).  And how they're made accountable (if at all).

Anyway, I hope that your office will have had a chance to read them also before you contact me.  Indeed, I myself am beginning to learn the importance of carefully reading what I sign first and to make sure that I have been given a copy of all that I have signed afterwards.  And to never sign anything in fear.  Or in any state of diminished capacity whatever.  And what can happen to a person if they cannot afford to hire a lawyer to tell them not to sign anything before their counsel has had a chance to look at it first.

I know it's possible that the rest of what I am about to tell you will sound crazy.  So I've been taking notes for the last 3 days trying to find out.  That reside upon the upper layer of my desk overflowing with a mass of still unwritten letters yet to be sent.

First, let me explain that I have a paper I was given with a telephone number at the top: 885-5147.

So last Tuesday (3/13/07) I called this number and heard a recording and began taking notes.  Reviewing these notes I see I wrote down:

"885-3862 .. IDS Status"
"for one's own records .. 885-3764"
"Attorney's office: mail request to Medical Records Department.."
A fax #.

Upon my Tuesday notes I see a name and a number.  He was cheerful and very helpful. 

The question someone will have is "how many pages are there?".  To know how much it will cost.  To know if they are sane.  And see: "$5 cover, 25 cents a page"

And " .. 885-6041".  And believe it was ... who gave me her name and number.  885-6041 was responsive but didn't seem to know what the forms were or what was on them or how many of them there were.

I see the name ".... ....." and "not there".

I see "Supervisor: 885-5144"

Notes of more phone numbers:

I don't have notes of the conversations of all the numbers I called ending in "voice mail".  There was no conversation to note.  I tried to call all of the numbers I could (save about two) until I learned that everyone leaves at 4pm.  And gave up.

My second day (Wednesday) 3/14/07 of notes start with:

"Becky doesn't know"

Then Arina: really busy and couldn't answer my questions.  Something about "patients coming in" .. "this is the ER" .. can't talk to me now.

I believe Arina then transferred me to ... .  Whose name I see next in my notes.

He was very helpful but was new and has only been there since last November.  And didn't seem to know much about Michael Meade or how long he's been there.  In fact, I don't think he's ever talked to Michael at all.  Anyway ... tried to guess as best he could what the forms were and what might be on them and gave me ..... .......'s number: 885-6048 which I called and got voice mail.

I called ... back (as I recall from my notes) and asked him to transfer me to Michael Meade's office.  Where I got Susan who transferred me back to Becky who was "too busy" and transferred me to "Lisette" (spelling?).  I asked Lisette for the names of all the forms and what was on them.  For which I gather there is only one form that says what it's name is upon it:

"Would you like to be seen?"

So I asked for her last name and what department she was in.  I gather the department is called "really busy" and her last name is "don't have time".  Or maybe it was "could you hold?".  I tried to inquire further but heard nothing more and waited and waited.  And then heard a ringing that was answered by voice mail: "Nurse Supervisor's Office" and learned of a telephone number for the "Nurse Pager" 308-8307 which I called and got more voice mail.

I called ...... back and asked for Michael Meade and got Susan's voice mail again.

Finally, just before 2:50pm I learned that everyone leaves at 3pm (not 4pm as I previously thought). And gave up.

Thursday 3/15/07 I called ... back who sent me to ........ ...... where I got voice mail and wrote down the number 793-6787.  So I called ... back who gave me a phone number for ........ 885-6162.

Alas, all I seem to get is "voice mail".  And realised this is crazy and that I really don't want to talk to any of them anymore anyway.

And decided that what I need to do is to "start at the top".  So I called up the BOS.  To see what it had to say.

And was so pleased that you picked up and were able to answer all my questions.  Alas, I have more.  And hope that when I talk to the BOS next, that it will again be able to answer them all for me.  For I dearly hope that after the BOS receives all the forms I have requested, that it doesn't decide to use them itself.

Thanks for sounding sane.