Wendy's Sparkle

(slightly edited, rewritten from the original letter I sent her after Kitty's Symposium in Sept. 2003)

Hello Wendy,

Last Saturday afternoon when I returned to Kitty's Symposium, I noticed someone signing a book in the back left section of the assembly hall there.  It said "Wendy Richardson" inside the cover.

I thought it said the same thing at the top of this article I picked up at one of Kitty's meetings I've regularly attended here for the last 3 years.  "What Every Beginner in ADD Needs to Know".  So I introduced myself to you briefly (I knew you were time constrained) giving you some quick background on my past and present struggles, stuttering, lifelong self-esteem issues etc. and telling you how useful I found it.

I just recently found the article again (to reference) but saw it had someone else's name on it.  Maybe you'll forgive me for this.  You wrote something I read once (I'm pretty sure .. I think .. I don't know..).  Actually, at the moment, I have no idea what it was.  I just remember it seemed to have your name on it for some reason.

Yeah, I'm "Inattentive" (we're hopeless).

Anyway, I wasn't expecting this "little chipmunk" :) .. maybe you noticed I've got a weird voice too (even when I don't stutter).  I can't do anything about it either.  But I'll tell you this "little chipmunk" has plenty of

Just before your talk you noticed me in the audience and pointed to me with this delighted and enthusiastic smile from the stage (I waved back a bit shyly and smiled).  You might as well have said "There he is!" for all to see.  Thanks for the self-esteem.

I've been involved in the stuttering self-help movement since 1971 (St. Louis, NYC, San Jose).  And the ADD self-help movement for over 3 years now.

I'd be delighted to meet you again sometime.

Best wishes, 


p.s: I hope you know this symbol :) means "it's a smile".
Kitty didn't. :)