3/28/05, 6/16/05, 4/23/06              

"Lullaby and Goodnight .."

"Bandaging" -- it starts as a soft gentle voice your mother sings you to sleep with at night: "Lullaby and Goodnight ..".  You know you are loved.  And that you are the most wonderful thing in the world.

Lullaby, and good night
Lay you down now, and rest
You're your mother's delight..

A soft gentle voice thatís so delicate it's almost a whisper.

It knows those letters you sent your best friend youíve lost touch with for decades have failed and will again.  As it gently coaches you through a rehearsal of that phone call to him.  Reminding you how important it is to do so.  Reminding you of the passage of time.  A soft gentle Marilyn Monroe voice "so delicate it's almost a whisper" rehearsing you through it "Repeat after me.." softly,  gently,  encouragingly .. .

You've been "bouncing off the walls" with it all.  It listens intelligently.  Suddenly in only a few words youíve found a "magic wand"  has just been waved over your head evaporating all those fears and worries.  Filling you with energy and hope.  Or revealing something to you for the first time in your life.  For which you are immensely grateful.

Or it is a voice filled with Excitement, Health and Laughter.  Building your self-esteem and resilience as it fills you with energy and hope.

It provides you with a "little stage"  whereupon you will succeed.  Self-esteem: you know when "it's a hit".

Like the first time I really met my other niece visiting us.  As we walked along that little streamside path in Almaden Park.  This happy smiling "little puppy dog" so delighted and eager to hear what I had to say.  And see those teases of her sister I wrote.


"So delicate it's almost a whisper.." .. the most delicate and gentlest and softest of voices (and it's not called "nursemaid"! -- for it is *never* a 'whip' ..).

"I hear dominance"

I did it in 3 words.  She changed it for me instantly.  Thanking me in gratitude for being the first one ever in her life to be able to explain it to her.  Telling me how she had struggled trying to understand it over the years.  All the therapies she tried.  Trying so desperately to understand what was going wrong each time.

"It's a lovely voice"
I told her
Expressing my gratitude in return.   For it was one of the loveliest compliments I've ever had.


I will always cherish it:

I heard it one morning.
As my phone call awoke her.
Recognising my voice (half-asleep):

Later, I told her how much I enjoyed it.
And never heard it again.

But I'm so grateful I got to hear that sound at least once in my life.
Thanks for the self-esteem.
Even though I may never hear it again.   Ever.


"Lullaby and Goodnight" .. a voice with the weight of a feather.  A soft gentle voice full of contentment and great happiness and so delicate it's almost a whisper..

Lullaby, and good night..



This one has sound: