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From: "Geoffrey Mangers" <geoffreymangers@earthlink.net>
To: "Mickey Mouse" <mick_terrone@chadd.org>
Cc: "E. Clarke Ross" <clarke_ross@chadd.org>
Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004 1:35 PM
Subject: I'd limit it to 3 seconds if I were you..

Dear Mickey,

Ever occur to you that that 3 minutes you're allowing me to speak tomorrow at our 
Election might be a bad idea?  I'd bring a gag with you for me tomorrow if I were you.

When Lew asked me for my candidate's statement, 
I emailed him and told him to use my website: 


He said I had to limit it to 500 words or less. 
I thought I had: 13 letters, 2 periods.
Apparently I said the wrong letters or something..
My candidate's statement was never published.
Instead, I get this stuff from you:

>In response to receiving copies of your request for the
>chapter to link to your personal web site with the chapter web page on
>elections, I'm attaching a copy of my memo on CHADD chapter election
>policies, dated June 18, 2003.
>An integral aspect of the policy is the allowance of up to 3 minutes for
>each candidate for office to speak on behalf of their candidacy during
>the election itself. This policy does not call for or require any
>chapter to have candidates promote their candidacies beyond this
>3-minute opportunity. ...

There's nothing in that policy declaration that prohibits you 
from publishing the website URL's of contenders either. 

Take a look:
ALL the websites of the candidates are published.

Why don't you take some Election courses at some junior college or something?

Or maybe you might want to amend your policy to specifically prohibit ANY knowledge 
of contenders by the membership outside of that 3 minutes I was allowed at our 
last election attended by only one voting member not running for office 
(who you still haven't asked for the election results, so no one knows who's in office).

Why don't you make silencing contenders official and re-file your Bylaws striking Lew's 
2 year term limit presently in effect that he's overstayed for over 2 years now? 

Why's he still in office?  Then again, why are you?

It's like the "Wild West" or something, you make up whatever rules ('policies') you want. 
Ever hear of something called Bylaws?

You filed them with the IRS on your 501(c)(3).  Why don't you call them up and ask 
them to send a copy of them to you.  You've obviously lost them.  I know this ADD thing. 
Well, at least you admitted you're in denial about your ADD at our last Election. 
Sounds like you're making progress.