A Parable on Communication

Why it is important to talk to your Mommy.
And write to your Congressman.

based on another strange dream I had 
(but I don't know anyone named Bonnie or Tweed)

Mommies: "Teach your children well"
Lesson #1: "Why it is important to write to your Congressman"

  I was pretty confused for a couple of months after the 2003 July Election, so I sent the "Bylaws of Confusion" to Mr. Portnoy.  Then that Fall at our first Steering Committee meeting of the year at Bonnie's house, I noticed no one had shown up.  Then later Tweed arrived and privately told Bonnie and I a story over her dinner table.  It was a story about his basic training back in the good old days.  A story about how he wound up with a busted wrist from an abusive Sergeant that was all out of regs and told us "..but if mommy had written a letter to her Congressman.." (the rest didn't sound very nice for that Sergeant).

  Personally, I don't know why that Congressman was even elected in the first place.  He should have been sent back to basic training with that Sergeant instead.  So he "got the message" (as my niece would say).

  I think the problem was that mommy should have told Tweed to write the letter himself to his Congressman.  And made damn sure he did and knew how to do it.  My mommy missed some of the important things I needed too.  Like how to meet women (well, she helped me write my résumé once when "she had seen enough of it").  Mommies are important.  I tell my mommy she's becoming more useful to me in her old age.  It's important to talk to your mommies about what's been going on in your head.  Mommies don't know it until you tell them.  After all, mommies don't go through what their sons do and have no idea what's it's all about.  That's why mommies have to listen and teach their sons how to communicate with them.  Before it's too late.  Before they get a permanent "busted wrist" out of life.  Talk to your mommy.  Mommies: listen to your kids.