"By the Order of the Crown"


Dear Cathi,

"My work is over.." I shrugged to you after the CHADD Election.

"Oh no..!" you told me firmly and directly as I heard this Officer of the Court proceed to instruct me to publish what I had witnessed.

You, Cathi Brown, a Notary Public, on the day of July 12, 2003 ordered me to do this in the parking lot of the Friends Meeting House, 957 Colorado Ave., Palo Alto, CA.  After attending the Election in the Quaker's Library there.

You gave a lovely little speech to us all during it on the importance of having Bylaws.  That were never produced.  And you never gave us the election results.  How could you?  You were never asked for them by a fully suited Mick Terrone (flown out from CHADD National) who controlled it.  In fact, the count itself was suppressed when I asked for it.

And you told me Mick Terrone still hasn't asked you for those election results. 

You're speech on Bylaws was ignored as were my comments on the purpose of the Coordinator's 2 year term limit in them.  Bylaws that compelled the contested Incumbent, who ran our last two Elections, to step down over 3 years ago.  And would have stricken his name from the Ballot he published.  And to this day remains in office ignoring their 501(c)(3) Bylaws he faxed me that Mick Terrone himself authenticated in front of me with the term limit (witnessed by Gina Pera during lunch) at our last election.  And since Gina was running for office, I have no idea who won the last Election either.  Indeed, I'm so sorry you had to cancel out at the last minute.  You would have been our "election team not running for office" again.  I was very much looking forward to it.  For we would have known who won that Election.  Hopefully, this time.

I had Jury Duty the week of Oct. 18 last month.  I just realised that I had been instructed by an Officer of the Court to do certain things.  For which I complied.

As of the hour of abouts 7pm on the day of November 3, 2004 this "absent minded professor" here realised it.

I am now bound by the instructions you gave me in your role as an Officer of the Court on July 12, 2003.  In compliance with your instructions, I am publishing it on:


I have already sent a formal letter to my congresswoman this email is copied to.  Seeking an audience with her.

Inattentive's like myself are easily deceived and frightened into silence.  But the problem is that I'm the only one who can do it.  As has the burden and duty to do so.  Thanks for reminding me (and sorry I'm kinda slow getting the message here sometimes .. a year and a half later).

I found their lawyer on my doorstep after I announced my candidacy the first time. 
I am steeling myself for it all over again. 

As I salute that Crown with the Blueberries on it.  
And the Order I was given.

In Her Majesty's Service (proudly)..

Your Loyal Servant,