My 2004 election speech (I never gave, it seemed fruitless to do so):

My name is Geoffrey Mangers.  I'm running for Chapter Coordinator: the position Lew Mills took office on Nov 6, 1999 and which we are told he presently holds.

I'm an electrical engineer (BSEE) .. op-amps, product development, phase plane analysis of stepmotors, Automated Test Engineering, PC's -- software and hardware.

I'm an Inattentive: that means social-isolation, passivity--we're wimps and 'daydreamers'.  We have to work on that assertiveness thing.

Half of us have problems with sleep.  The most common being the Delayed Sleep Phase or "Night-Owl" Syndrome that I struggle with.  Half of us struggle with depression as I do.  If any of you have doubts about me because of this, you should not vote for me.

My comorbidity is stuttering and I've been involved in the stuttering self-help movement since 1971.  We like to characterise our groups as a "safe place to stutter".

I've been involved in the ADD self-help movement for over 3 years now.  Regularly attending both Kitty Petty's meetings as well as the CHADD ones here locally.  I ran for the same office last year in CHADD.  Those who know me, know I have a taste for playful humor, teasing and satire.  It's great if I can do it without my stuttering stomping on that 'punchline'.  And I'll apologise/explain if it goes awry.

I'm 55 and have been poor most all of my life (as was my father).  I expect a farm-worker has made more in their life than I have.  I've struggled with lifelong self-esteem issues.  My loyalties are to all of those who have struggled with the difficulties I have. 

My story and the reason I'm running is far too long to explicate in 3 minutes.

So I will tell you where to find it online.  It's my website  Which I asked Lew to publish to our paid membership of over 1000 now, as my candidate's statement.  I believe in concision--just 13 letters and 2 periods.  You will find candidate's website addresses published in all elections.

But I'll give you an easier website to remember: chaddnorcal.COM.  chaddnorcal.ORG is Lew's website.  He controls it.  Likewise I own and control chaddnorcal.COM.  Anyone can throw up a website and say whatever they want on it.  I hope you'll all find this instructive.  I know I have.

I understand from CHADD's Bylaws that Lew faxed me last year that if I'm elected I will have a maximum term of office of 2 years after which I must step down.  I have copies of those Bylaws with me that I would be happy to hand out to anyone who asks me for them.  I plan to honor CHADD's Bylaws. 

And I promise I will not ignore our Election Team.  Our last election was attended by only one voting member not running for office.  And she hasn't given us the Election Results for it yet. 

There's a purpose to those Bylaws.  They keep CHADD healthy.  If elected, my first order of business will be to re-establish a healthy election process to CHADD.

I'm looking forward to meeting many new and fascinating people in this community.
Whether I win or not.

Thank you for letting me introduce myself to you.