Announcement of Candidacy: 2005 

My candidate's statement.

Property Questions and
Who won the last 2 Elections?


"Dear Dr. Ross.." (CHADD's CEO)

January 3, 2005


Dear Dr. Ross,

This is to announce my candidacy to you for our upcoming election.  Once again.

I hereby announce my candidacy for the office of
Coordinator of Northern California CHADD in 2005.

This letter to you is public.  You'll find it on my website:


which is also my candidate's statement: all of 17 letters and 2 periods
(please note that ".com" on the end for the correct spelling).

By the way, candidate's website addresses are published in all elections.  And for good reason.

I will look forward to seeing it published to our membership this year.  In fact, you could publish it in that 'Attention' Magazine of yours to make sure this time.   Including this letter to you if you wish.

Anyway, I have a slight problem.  I need to know if I'll be required to step down next year.  Could you kindly tell me what the "election team not running for office" has told you as to who won our last two elections?  Because if I've won them both, your Bylaws will require me to step down next year.  Maybe Cathi Brown could help you.  She's a Notary Public and was the only voting member not running for office who attended our election July 12, 2003.  Could you kindly tell me what she's told CHADD as to who won it?  By the way, I had Jury Duty last October.  And just realised it a few weeks later.  A Notary Public is an "Officer of the Court".  And after that election she had instructed me to publish what I had witnessed.

Also, could you please tell me who the "election team not running for office" was at our last 2004 election held in Berkeley?  Cathi told me she'd be attending.  When I suggested they wait for her, Mike Hinckley told us all that she had cancelled out.

And there's another item you might be able to enlighten me on.

I've been curious as to what had happened to CHADD's Library here.  So I asked at the end of a meeting here a year or so ago.  And heard from one of your officers quite forthrightly "It's in my garage!".  Mike Hinckley remained silent.  I understand CHADD's Risograph printer is also there.  But I've never seen either of them.

Would you kindly provide me with authentic proof of CHADD's ownership of "the Risograph" Mike Hinckley mentioned to me once while at her house.  Something like a copy of the "bill of sale" (or similar document) showing the Risograph's price at its date of purchase and to whom it was sold.  I gather it was used to print up the ballots for our 2003 election.  Which required the purchase of some ink for it at the time.  Sadly, I missed Lew that day who had apparently left earlier into rush hour traffic for that long trip back to San Francisco.

You see, if I am elected, I will need to know these things.  For I will have custody over CHADD's property here.  And I wish to know if my custody of it will be legal and proper.  Then again, I may already be elected in which case I will dearly need to know all this and soon!



Geoffrey Mangers

p.s: do you know how to contact Lisa Alexander who used to head our group here?  Before Lew took over in '99.  Would you tell her I very much enjoyed her brief leadership of our group when I first joined.  Before she left.

p.p.s: I'm curious, could you tell me when you became CHADD's CEO?

p.p.p.s: enclosed please find my membership renewal check for $45.