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From: "Geoffrey Mangers" <geoffreymangers@earthlink.net
To: Paulo Costa 
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 10:53 AM 
Subject: Sorry for the intrusion, Paulo.

Sorry for the intrusion there Paulo (if that email address works).
But this I must tell you to your face.

If the communication fails again, I'll send it 'snail mail' labeled "personal mail" on each side and trust in the Integrity of your secretaries to respect your privacy.

Paulo Costa (Chief Executive Officer)
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
One Health Plaza, Building 701
East Hanover, New Jersey 07936

I see no need to even bother to have the post office 'certify' it return receipt and all.

Please try to impress me by having your staff answer some very simple questions for me.  Or impress me even more by answering them personally yourself (as I am now on my 5th request for this information).

How much has CHADD received annually (the amount for each year) from Novartis since 1987 to the present?  This is not rocket science.  Just an annual figure for each year (~16 years).  I tried searching on your website for this information to no avail.  This is all I've discovered so far (on the Internet):

".. CHADD has received financial support from Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.). The advocacy group was incorporated in 1987 as a nonprofit corporation under S.501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. CHADD sought financial support from a number of corporations, Ciba-Geigy among them. In the seven years between 1987-1994, CHADD received approximately $813,000 in cash grants. The annual budget of the organization is in excess of $2 million. .."

BTW, I happen to agree with Joe Parsons and what I see published by CHADD.

Secondly, I must have the ability to tell you and Novartis information about CHADD that I have learned.  I seem to find myself being unable to do this (on my 5th request now, remember).  So I am already publishing it here:

To be able to provide Novartis with it I must have contact information for the following people.  I wish to have their email addresses to contact them directly and personally.  Email addresses project a desire on your part to expedite and encourage my communication with them.  But I will settle for snail mail addresses.

Contact information for:

*International Novartis Board of Directors*

*The Ethics Committee* (or that of a similar Ethics body at Novartis concerned about the issues I'm raising)

And in addition, I wish to have contact information for the following:

*The Executive Committee (ECN)*
Dr. h.c Daniel Vasella, MD, Chief Executive Officer
Raymund Breu, PhD, Chief Financial Officer
Urs Baerlocher, JD, Head of Legal and General Affairs
Thomas Ebeling, CEO Pharmaceuticals
Paul Choffat, JD, CEO Consumer Health
Prof. Mark C. Fishman, MD, President of the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR)

"here's the rest"..

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From: "Geoffrey Mangers" <geoffreymangers@earthlink.net>
To: <uspharma@novartis.egain.net>
Sent: Sunday, September 19, 2004 11:22 PM
Subject: Request for information ("2nd, 3rd, 4th..")

Please forward copies of this email to the International Novartis Board of Directors and the Ethics Committee that I've have listed following.  And please inform me that you have done so and when you have.  Thanks.  Could you also kindly identify yourself in your response to me.  I would like to know who receives these emails at

        Unanswered Questions:
** Funding History of CHADD **
** Contact information for controlling Officers of Novartis **

Here's the story I'm writing: www.chaddnorcal.com
It is still unfinished.  Novartis seems to be becoming a part of it.  You will find on that website the words (therapeutically exhibiting my frustration and much of it):

            "Because it is my Therapy"

ADD-ers are easily exploited, deceived, abused and stigmatised in all sorts of fashion.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Novartis supporting Kitty Petty's Symposium yesterday.  KPI is an organisation I've come to respect and trust as one with Integrity and honestly dedicated to helping people with ADD.  I've always been treated with dignity and respect by Kitty, who has consistently gone out of her way to try to help me and others struggling like myself in the best way she can.

Having said that though, I must still pursue some items with Novartis that I do not intend to see to be left to be "swept under the rug".  After many emails over a significant period of time, you still haven't answered my questions.  Integrity is when one answers certain questions intelligently and forthrightly without evasion.  Integrity is when the "commander-in-chief" himself "steps up to the plate" to answer certain questions when he sees what lies behind them (and ahead).  And their import.  He answers them forthrightly with "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth"--he answers what lies behind it all.  He answers them personally without evasion.  It is not done by his secretary or his public relations executive.  He may say "yes, we've made mistakes .. here's what they were (fully and totally) .. and how we shall set it right .."  He demonstrates accountability.

** CHADD's funding History over the years ** -- what has it been?
Which has apparently been unsupervised and at high levels.

*Ignorance of CHADD's Election Bylaws and unconcern to their adherence.*
It gives the appearance of an alteration of control of CHADD removing control from its membership in contravention to their Bylaws (note the 'restructuring' that occurred in '99--the year Paulo and Lew took office).  Now appearing to be controlled "from the top" through it's funding.

Once again, I'll recapitulate my questions:
** Paulo Costa's contact information **
Communication from him personally or an email address for him (for expediency purposes) would impress me.

Perhaps the person *initially receiving* this email could be so kind as to identify themselves also (to demonstrate *their* integrity and dedication to answering ALL the questions I've asked thus far).

** Contact information for the following **
Again email addresses for expediency would impress me.

Ethics Committee:

Prof. Dr. Christian Kummer, Munich School of Philosophy, Germany
Prof. Dr. Joseph Straus, Max-Planck Institute Munich, Germany
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Anna M. Wobus, Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Gatersleben, Germany
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Schreiber, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zürich, Switzerland. Chairman of the Ethics Committee
Prof. Dr. med Claus R. Bartram, Institute for Human Genetics, Heidelberg, Germany
Prof. Dr. med Wolfgang Holzgreve, Universität-Frauenspital, Basel, Switzerland
Dr. Karin Blumer, Novartis Pharma Policy, Basel. Secretary of the Ethics Committee
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Zacherl, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna

International Novartis Board of Directors

Dr. h.c. Daniel Vasella, MD, Chairman and CEO
Prof. Helmut Sihler, JD, PhD, Vice Chairman and Lead Director
Hans-Joerg Rudloff, Vice Chairman
Dr. h.c. Birgit Breuel
Prof. Peter Burckhardt, MD
Prof. Srikant Datar, PhD
William W. George
Alexandre F. Jetzer
Pierre Landolt
Prof. Ulrich Lehner, PhD
Dr.-Ing. Wendelin Wiedeking
Prof. Rolf M. Zinkernagel, MD

And the names of the Board of Directors of "the US affiliate" Paulo Costa heads.
As well as their email addresses.

from: http://www.pharma.us.novartis.com/novartis/highlights.jsp
"We are Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation,
the US affiliate of Swiss-based Novartis AG"

How Novartis *itself* is actually controlled and has been funding CHADD.  Where do the actual funding approvals come from?--the "Swiss-based Novartis AG" or "the US affiliate"?  And why hasn't the funding been supervised at the levels CHADD has been funded at?  E.g. requiring CHADD to adhere to their Election Bylaws and maintain control of their Chapters by its *membership* through honest elections.

These items are raising questions about Novartis itself.  If I were Novartis, I'd acknowledge any mistakes quickly and publicly (and apologise for them) and the measures it is taking to correct those mistakes.  And *demonstrate* it.  Remember, we have no election results from 2 elections here at CHADD now.

A good way to start would be some email addresses for ALL those I have asked for.  And answer ALL of my questions I've asked previously fully and without further evasion.

We have difficult issues to argue and need organisations with that "Coin of Integrity that rings true with the Public".  I think Novartis may be showing hints it intends to make changes.  I would do it swiftly.  And not at a snail's pace.  Do it openly and publicly.  Courageously.  Before it shows up on "60 minutes" or something.  Remember ADD-ers are a vulnerable population and easily abused--by all sorts of organisations, we need ones supporting us that are healthy.

Once again:
That funding History of CHADD.
Contact information for all of the controlling officers of Novartis (preferably including their email addresses) so that I may tell them what I have learned.

Warmest Regards,
Geoffrey Mangers

btw, "here's who I am" -- "with all my flaws"
"lest you have any question" about me.