To: Dr. E. Clarke Ross (CHADD CEO)
 Cc: Hon. Zoe Lofgren, David Carreiro, Sandra Soto
 State Senator Joe Simitian, Sarah Rosendahl
 State Assemblywoman Rebecca Cohn, Jon Kessler 

Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2005 5:15 PM
Subject: Request (again) for Publication of my Candidate's Statement.

Dear Dr. Ross,

I know it's a long airplane trip out here but I think our membership would be honored to meet our CEO at some informal social event promoting our upcoming election.  Like politicians do with barbecues and such.  I'm sorry I've never had a chance to meet you personally myself since joining in 2000.  Or attend one of your conventions.  I assure you, I've wished to.

Anyway, I think it would be helpful for me to point out some election items that may have escaped your attention.  Like publication of candidate's statements.  So I'm copying this email to some folks who I'm hoping at least one of which will be able to remind you.

Like you did in that open letter I'm glad you sent to Dr. Phil.  I thought he missed some things on that program too.  And applaud your archery there.  I'm glad someone pointed it out to him.  Lest he continue.  You know, it's your best friend who tells you this stuff *before* you go "on-stage" there in front of everyone.  Lest you hear it unhappily afterwards.

By the way, on page 16 of your April Issue of Attention Magazine, I see an article by Ruth Hughes PhD with the names of 4 fascinating people here in our Northern California chapter with accomplishments I can do nothing but applaud.  And very much look forward to meeting at our upcoming election.  I gather their names will not appear on our ballot contesting someone who has not been given a similar promotional advantage to our (properly) Confidential membership.

BTW, Dr. Hughes sent me a letter recently.  But in it, I'm afraid she misspelled the first part of my candidate's statement:


Please note that initial "www."  And that it only contains 17 letters (please count them) and two periods.  And note that ".com" on the end.  I'm sure it looks confusing at first, websites often are, it's extremely important to spell them precisely. 

And she seemed to forget to tell me where the election will be held.  But more importantly the entire membership itself ("where and when").  Or maybe my copy got lost in the mail somehow.  Also, she forgot to tell me the contact information (email addresses would be appreciated as our election clock times out) for the Nominating Committee not running for office.  So I can make sure they also have a copy of my candidate's statement (all of 17 letters and two periods).  Perhaps the reason Dr. Hughes didn’t tell me this is because I need to appoint one.  But I can't do so until I hear from the "election team not running for office" from our last election.  That she didn’t identify either in her letter.  Why don't you ask Ruth Hughes (PhD) to ask Mick Terrone (who was actually at the last election) for their names?  So you can tell me what they told you as to who won it.  Then again, maybe you're all confused because no one knows who won in 2002.  After your Bylaws compelled Lew Mills (PhD) to step down Nov 6, 2001 having completed his maximum term of office of 2 years.  Or the one I contested Lew in 2003.  Maybe our only voting member not running for office who attended it (in 2003), Cathi Brown, can tell you. She's a (mobile) notary public -- an Officer of the Court whose instructions after that election she attended, I am complying with.  As I did when I had Jury Duty last October.  I'm sure you will all agree.  Perhaps I will hear something like:

"Geoffrey, we also wish to see you comply with your instructions from an Officer of the Court.  And encourage you to proceed with your publication process already underway.  And do not wish to be seen to impede, deter, or frighten you away from in any way.  In fact, it always brings a smile of delight to see that 'Spring Blossoming' of one of our members.  Your candidate's statement will indeed be published to our membership this time.  All of your '17 letters and two periods' that you requested in your letter to me (also on your candidate's statement) last January .  Accurately and with dispatch.  In order to do so and give the membership a proper chance to read your candidate's statement first, please forgive us if we delay that election date you saw in that letter.  And appoint the Inspectors of Election you’ve requested to ensure everyone knows who won this time.  Sorry we missed mentioning all this in the letter.  Following you will find the email addresses of our Board of Directors here at National, you requested a while back, who look forward to hearing from you.  As well as the contact information for the (please tell us who they are) Nominating Committee not running for office.  Would you have time to meet them sometime soon?  They’ve told me they'd be delighted (after you’ve appointed them).  We're proud of you Geoffrey."

For your convenience, I'll add this email to my candidate's statement so you can find it easily again.  Just look for what Eileen told me back in 2003 when I announced my candidacy on their listserver (just before it broke down).  I thought she said it best:

"Welcome Geoffrey and good luck with the election"

Geoffrey Mangers