How Paulo Costa could impress me:

The Subject line of the responding email with might say something like: 

"Geoffrey, I'm impressed!"

I'd use "Geoffrey" instead of something like "Mr. Mangers"--(it sounds defensive).

And say something like:

Dear Geoffrey,

I apologise for the delay in my response to your questions.  Please note the contact email and mailing addresses for the people here at Novartis you have requested at the bottom.  As well as the funding History of CHADD over the years that I have included.  We are very proud of that amount Geoffrey.  It bespeaks our commitment to those like yourself.  And we have every expectation that every cent of it has gone into bringing nothing but dignity, respect, value and self-esteem into their lives.

I do very much appreciate your efforts to contact me.  And apologise for any difficulties you may have encountered.  I am especially appreciative of that website you gave me of yours: and am reading it with great interest.  Geoffrey, if a single word of any of what you have endured is true, I am truly shocked.

In fact, I've just gone over a copy of CHADD's Bylaws, and you are indeed correct about the 2 year term limit.  Forgive me for this oversight.  I am grateful for a keen eye there.  Further, E. Clarke Ross has just confirmed to me that the date Mick Terrone gave you of Nov. 6, 1999 is indeed correct for the the date Lew Mills took office.

Further, I am seeking to determine how the knowledge of your candidacy has been kept from me.  And why your candidate's statement was never published to the membership and why I never saw it.  In fact, it seems to have been hidden from me for 2 elections now.  This is indeed troubling to me.  For I too, am a member of CHADD.

You say your candidate's statement you gave to Lew that was never published to the membership in your last election was ""?  My goodness, what concision!  I don't believe I've ever heard of a candidate giving a speech in a single word.  Congratulations!

Geoffrey, what you have written is so compelling, that I wish to convey to you my own personal apology on behalf of Novartis in advance.  No matter what the facts may be.  And I assure you personally, that I will know the complete truth in this matter.  And soon!

I encourage you to continue writing your story Geoffrey.  In fact, I'm looking forward to it with keen interest.  Keep up the good work there lad.  And it looks like I've got a fire to put out here at the moment.  Glad someone pulled the alarm there in time.  Keep in touch.

I'm impressed with your spirit. 

Impressed indeed,

(but I think this may well be some other Paulo Costa I'm thinking of)

p.s. say 'Hi' to Kitty for me the next time you see her for me, won't you?  She's a dear, isn't she?  I was quite saddened to hear of her retirement from KPI.  She's irreplaceable.