"you could get sued"

Anyone know anything about how our state government works?
I don't.

Here's one I got today:

I want to update you.
I heard back from the Secretary of State's office. 
They expect to have a reply to your letter in the mail early next week.

Here's an earlier one:


I've contacted the Secretary of State's Business Program Division, legal counsel, and they informed me that they are preparing a response to your inquiry.  I'm also listing here for you the phone number and address of the Santa Clara County Bar Association.  I think that ultimately they will be the best place for you to go to determine your options.  They also could be the group to possibly provide pro bono legal assistance.

Santa Clara County Bar Association
4 North Second Street
San Jose, CA 95113

What do you think?

Is it:
"You have the right to remain silent.."

"How may I help you .. SIR"

Maybe both.

I have a phrase:
"I don't know how to decode it all anymore.."

For some reason I always assume the worst.

He signed it:

"Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
Best Regards,"

Maybe that means "How may I help you .. SIR"

Or maybe he's trying to throw me a life preserver or something.  I keep remembering that other letter I got just before a meeting I planned to attend recently with the words: "your unauthorized use of.." (my candidate's statement).
And apparently announcing my candidacy at a meeting (witnessed by the only person I could positively identify with an address, the speaker) would be considered "disruptive".  Maybe I could have gotten sued or something if I did.  Maybe they'd have served me with the lawsuit as soon as I showed up.  So I didn't.

I don't have the letter from the Secretary of State's Business Program Division, legal counsel yet.  Maybe it will tell me something like:
"You have the right to remain silent.."

I get scared each time I get one of these letters.  Or have to read my emails.  I've missed lovely compliments this way.

I don't know why the words "your unauthorized use of.." stick in my head, so I obsess on:
"You have the right to remain silent.."

And I don't know anything about 
"the Santa Clara County Bar Association" 
I can't afford any of this crap anyway--"what's the use?"

And I keep thinking if I call them I'll probably eventually hear:
"You have the right to remain silent.."
Even if I've told the truth.  Fortunately, I only got 'voice mail' when I tried calling today and left my phone number.  Hopefully they'll probably never call back to sue me for calling them anyway.

And I don't know anything about my state government either.  Why don't they just fix the whole damn thing?  All I've wanted is a normal self-help group.  Where's Lisa?  Why do I have to do all this crap myself?  I could get sued if I try to do it on my own.