Larry Wilde quoting Lincoln to his despondent Cabinet:
"Gentlemen, why don't you laugh?  With the fearful strain that is upon me day and night, if I did not laugh, I should die.  You need this medicine as much as I do."

For humor is one of life's pleasures.  It helps to dissolve its pain and frustration.  And is a worthwhile skill for all to learn.  ( I said that )


My favorites::  (help for overwhelmed seniors)  


  A sad day in Laughtown


New website offers hope for the fluent!

The ACFD   (those ADD Fire Extinguishers)


"War of the Worlds" graphic: 
Internet Movie Database Inc.


"intriguing", eh?


My Dumb Blonde Sister

The SLS Club

Prom Queen

"angry", eh..

This is for all you women 



  Help for struggling comedians

Rave Reviews for Geoffrey!

"I'm listening!"

"And yes, humor is welcome ... we know how to have fun and the importance of humor!"


Reading a Geoffrey Mangers post makes Ulysses read like Dr. Seuss.
Genius?  Madman?  Both?"

"I'm laughing"

"It is funny"

"You're so funny.."

"Very funny, Geoffrey  :)"

LMBO!!!!!! ("Laughing My Butt Off")

"This was absolutely the funniest spoof I have ever seen.  Congratulations!"

"I thought it was a hilarious spoof too..."

"This is very funny satire.."


"Mangerian humor is at it again!"

"Far out!"


"Thanks for stopping by!"

Smash hit!  The critics love it! 
("what can I say!")

"Dear Sir, 
You may check into making an appointment with a licenced professional in the mental health field...."

 .. or as my niece would say:

" .... sooo  "

.. or maybe it's:
"there's one less than you think there are.." 
(Annie teasing her famous husband John Glenn)

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