Sail On!  Sail On!
I brought my case before the Admiralty publicly.  I want some answers, and it finally looks like they're moving on it and starting to ask those questions themselves.  I want to know what's been hiding in those financial records over all these years.  And why no one knows.

The pride of our fleet, why did it sink??
 "The NSPequod"
What happened to all our money?
(none of our former NSP Board members I've talked to are bothered by this question one bit)

Hugo Gregory:
"This has got to stop!"

"Shredded"? - I heard the word 'shredded'..
We learned it from Watergate: "follow the money"

Dear Tammy.. (2/8/06)
(Keep up the good work..)

"Hi Hi Hi!"  (4/13/06)

Sorry for the mistake, Tammy..
  Dear NSA Board of Directors..  (6/7/06)