"Where are election results found?"
I still don't have an answer to this question.
Maybe one of my Senators knows.

OK, we ask the secretary for them.
Dear Secretary..


"How may I help you sir?"

They are the words you hear from someone who sees you have spent far too long in the noonday sun as you stumble out of a desert after 3 years of thirsting.  Having become (like Diogenes thirsting for an honest man) delusionally ill from it all.

Perhaps, one day, my phone will ring again with them.



 "..but if mommy had written a letter to her congressman.." 
(thanks for the suggestion)

Dear Ms. Lofgren..

Subject: "By the Order of the Crown"
Cc: "Hon. Zoe Lofgren" <zoe.lofgren@mail.house.gov>
Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2004 7:47 PM