"Justice for ALL"
anything less is Malpractice
my suit against the Bar
(I figure I might have one chance in a million that one of them might join me)


Welcome to
(a "work  progress")

looks kinda cute, doesn't he?"

"Geoffrey's the best!  I'm going to tell all my friends.."
Now for the link you've all been excitedly waiting for..
OK, here's how..
"Yes, I want to meet Geoffrey!"
coming soon: "The Froggie luv the Buggie" (and why)
The Buggie: a nonprofit organization providing civil legal services to the poor Froggie.
For over 2 years now.  But the Froggie can't find the "384" claim form for the the Buggie yet.
"I don't want to have anything to do with it!" -- it's still a good Buggie.  (more to come..)
"Jack London" answered Kitty
My Order states "forthwith" -- that means no "distractions" please.
"I want you working at your craft" -- thanks
I've "done my duty" and publicly criticised (6/13/08) their South Bay branch election (6/10/08) here.  In front of their officers.  Including the (one person apparently) nominating committee who completely ignored me and never *did* produce the ballots for inspection. 

I walked in with the intention to challenge the incumbent presidency (which I never saw published as being open) with a nomination I knew would easily be seconded.  And presented their officers with my credentials that allowed me to nominate and vote in their election.  Credentials validated by publication in their state newsletter "The Bulletin".  Valid credentials never honored.

"The Election Raffle" -- where did the ballots disappear to during it?  And the ones never picked up?  What do they look like?

I don't have time to write up the rest of it yet..
 "Is there an officer in the house?"
1-916-xxx-xxxx ..
"Hello, Sacramento..?"

Welcome to [fill in the name of the office]..
For English press one ..
This customized automated system..      ..  Registry's .. Units ..
Please be sure you have a paper and pen.. 
Please choose from one of the following options..  
Press 1 for..  
Please choose from one of the following options [again]..  
Press 1 for..   and on and on until you hear

leave a message .. someone will return your call .. [no they won't]

If you're lucky enough to find a real person and then ask them if they've ever been sworn in and then for their last name, you'll find it spelled something like:

"I'm not going to provide my last name"

"Hello, Sacramento..?"
"Is there an officer in the house?"
"Hello, Hello, Hello, anyone there.. Sacramento..?"


Rave Reviews for Geoffrey

"start here"
(help for overwhelmed seniors)

finish grieving here: 
A sad day in Laughtown

A sad National Humor Month

Comments (from real living people) are always welcome.
My email address:  

Phone: (408) 978-3149 "please leave a message at the beep, thank you for calling"

Investigative Journalism
I never expected this one.  I prefer writing Humor.

 I've been instructed by an Officer of the Court to publish what I have witnessed..

.. after an election she attended.  Involving a million dollar Treasury.  And I already have letters from my Congresswoman and our Secretary of State.

My Candidacy   (a "coming of age" story)   "How may I help you ... SIR"
Who's this?

who became an anachronism to his own profession
That "flash of Integrity"
(that's always extinguished
Whatever happened to it?
An anonymous whistleblower's first question to whoever picks up the phone:
"An Oath of Office"
("getting back to basics")

Lee Sturtevant (Policy Aide to Supervisor Ken Yeager):
"Yes, all county employees must take an oath of office
when they start working for the County."


 "What *is* Mental Health?"
Writer's Block
Solution: VoiceMail

"Granted .. in whole"


They have my sympathies:
May 30, 2008  Hooray!  They're back!  I don't believe it.
It took me months (if not years) to recover when it happened to me.

Code of Civil Procedure
Class action: Sections 378 - 384
Section 379
"reverse class action"

Actually all you need to know is the "lawyer summons"..
Section 382

"which side are you on?"
"turning state's evidence"
(defendants turned into plaintiffs)
Defendants: a line of accountability up to the "circle on top":
An Assembly, House, Senate, Congress, Council or Board of:
Directors, Trustees, Supervisors, Commissioners, Delegates, Governors, Regents etc.

"Summoning one's interest"

A "writ of mandamus" for
Failing Regulatory Bodies
cy pres awards,  grants,  foundations
"feed the starving children!"
"What is 'cy pres' ?" you ask?
Doling Out Other People’s Money
(where does the money go? .. who has it? .. how much is left?)
how do you find out?  you "knock on the door".  And ask for food.
Whereupon you're given an address of another door to knock upon.
and another and another .. until you hear:
"drive over to this address next Monday between 6 and 8pm"
And: "take a ticket"

"We can't help you"
Call someone else..
"We don't do that anymore"
"We don't take these kinds of cases"
"Leave a (i.e. another) message, someone will get back to you"
"I don't know"

"Please hold.."
"I can't give you my last name"

"Send a letter to.."

Until you see the sign on the door that says:
Permanently CLOSED by the statute of limitations.

"showing an interest"
When that salivation is missing, it's an audit.
And an audit upon ALL their houses.

For "the cupboard is bare".
Section 384: "paved with good intentions"
Even a "Mother Teresa" would never qualify for funding under it.

Why can't I find a pro-bono lawyer?

Chief Justice Ronald M. George in his State of the Judiciary address in 2001:
“If the motto ‘and justice for all’ becomes ‘and justice for those who can
afford it,’ we threaten the very underpinnings of our social contract.”

"Send more money!"
the lobbyists beseech for their vested interests.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
It's called malpractice.  Not Justice.

How about "product liability".
The Judiciary is there to produce a product.  Called Justice.
It comes with an implied warranty of fitness.
Something called a "Code of Ethics".  An "Oath of Office" or something.
With the "Justice Inspectors" on the end of the assembly line scrutinising for defects.

"I want my money back!"
We should ALL be demanding it back from these "We can't help you" charities.
Every helpless litigant abandoned by their indigence should.

"Law Stamps"
Food stamps can be very efficient and effective at solving the problem.

"pro-bono" (translation):
"Please leave a message at the beep.  Someone will get back to you."
"Don't probono me.  And don't probono thee,
Probono that lawyer hiding behind the probono tree"

"I don't work for free" (at least he was honest about it).


"You better publish!"

First Papers
2 Megs - filed with an incomplete list of parties

Amended #1 (filed)
with additional parties and complaints
(hoping it was complete)

Thank you.  It was good to hear it. 
And for the first time ever.  From

Amended #2
(not yet filed, I'm trying!)

You wouldn't believe the "cast of characters" in this Epic.

It must all be filed and served by Oct. 15, 2008.
CMC is (re)-scheduled for Oct 28, 10am.  Dept. 22

A "Code of Ethics"
In Japan, a CEO bows low under the criticism of those they have offended.  In public.
"The Coin of the Realm in the world that I live in is called Integrity
It is bought with deeds.  Not words and excuses."

(stay tuned..)
 "You can't fix it      ..      or maybe you can.."
  thanks for coming up with that "flash of Integrity"

A "Statute of Limitations" (it's 1-3 years and is "tolled" 1 year from it's discovery)
It compels one to act as it says "speak now or forever hold your peace".
(because memories fade over time and become unreliable)
Amnesia Epidemic

A Request for Admission Forms
(March 16, 2007)

My problem is that I'm slow.

The "cover sheet": Complex Civil cases must be e-filed.  And I can see why.  The paperwork alone becomes overwhelming.  e-filing: another learning curve, more time..

"You might sue because you have too many unanswered questions" I said.

You might sue for your own mental health.  Having been made ill from all that you have learned about a system (including institutions you believed in) that was supposed to make you well.  Most often money *does* make it work right.  Because you pay for what you want.  It's only when you no longer have control of it that it malfunctions.  Why does it always decode as money?  Why not sex or some insane obsession (like Capt. Ahab in "Moby Dick") or something?  "Puzzles" fascinate me -- "why is it broken?".

Most people in this world are well-intentioned.  And intelligent.  "..an imperfect world.." -- thanks calling and acknowledging it, it meant a lot to me.

Alas, all to much to write..  stay tuned.. more to come.. 12/26/07, 1/16/08

Here's another one:
"Why won't they tell me their last name?"
Or transfer me to someone who will.  It's like they're all wearing masks.

 A corporation with revenues in the billions:  'Just tell me your last name' -- that's all.  Why??     When a policeman pulls you over, he wants to know who you are: your  full name, license number and where you live.  All I want is their last name.  Why aren't these people licensed anyway?    (stay tuned..)

OK, maybe it didn't sink.
Maybe they threw Captain Ahab to Moby Dick.
There's something fishy going on here.

The pride of our fleet, why did it sink??
 "The NSPequod"

My Stuttering: www.stutter.name
(my own personal website and commentary on it all..)


Employers I've liked (thanks for the smiles)

"Lullaby and Goodnight .."
"A soft gentle voice so delicate it's almost a whisper"


"Please allow me to introduce myself"

BSEE, Computer and Technical background

Geoffrey Mangers
("Jeffrey MANjers")

San Jose, CA (46 miles south of San Francisco)

I stutter and have been involved in the stuttering self-help movement since 1971.  And the ADD self-help movement since 2000.   Those who know me, know I have a taste for playful humor, teasing and satire.  It's great if I can do it without my stuttering stomping on that 'punchline'.  And I'll apologise/explain if it goes awry.

I'm 60 and have been poor most all of my life (as was my father).  Though I hold a BSEE and have accomplishments I can be proud of, I expect a farm-worker has probably made more in their life than I have.  I struggle with peculiar lifelong self-esteem and social-isolation issues.  And ("getting it wrong in the mirror") an 'atypical' depression that can lift magically and quickly in a healthy and stimulating Environment.  Of which I seem to be in constant search of.  But that energy and self-esteem thing is always prone to quickly fizzling out again (called "mood lability").  

Being peculiarly shy and withdrawn (though I may not always appear so) and hidden away from the world for most of my life, I can have a real problem with passivity and have to push myself to socialise.  I find myself entering a world of people that knows each other that I do not.  This is interesting.  I'm prone to various social errors.  And easily sent into a tailspin by them.  For I'm also Hypersensitive.  

My loyalties are to all of those who have struggled with the difficulties I have.

My next area of interest will be writer's groups.  I'm a writer as was my father.  I've known it all my life but was never encouraged (or had the confidence) to pursue it.  I'm grateful for the help and encouragement of a couple of friends in particular (as well as the encouragement and support of many others).  One whose encouragement broke my lifelong writer's block a few years ago.  And another who made sure I knew how to publish it 'online'.

I'm looking forward to expanding my life socially and meeting many new and fascinating people in this world.




"The Best and the Brightest"
I know what self-esteem is..)

Commentary on some special moments for me.
In Memoriam:

 Dr. Philip A. Berger
"For distinguishing himself in the Field above and beyond the.."

Kitty "smiling down on us all"

     Remembering Ed Mysak

 Wendy's Sparkle: There he is!

"What was your name again?"


 You're On!  


 Coming Soon!

Hallowell:  "Lift up your head"  
(alas, going on 2 years now: six pages still to condense and edit down .. give me a few more months..)

and more..

"The constellation that has always seemed to shine the brightest for me"

Thanks to all my supporters.


The message is there to reveal something to you that you must know and have been missing.  For you must have this knowledge for a purpose: to empower you.

"How may I help you..  SIR?"
"Well done."
"Courage Honor Duty"

Good luck ..!
".. I know you can do it"
"Hooray Geoffrey!"
"Ya done good Geoffrey"

"Good luck with your writing.."
"Good luck Geoffrey"
"Good luck Geoffrey"

"Good luck to you sir"
"Good luck with everything"

"Welcome Geoffrey and good luck with the election.."
"What was that you said..?"
"What was your name again?"
"I apologise to you for not attending the election"
"Please do not hesitate to contact my office should you require assistance on an issue in the future"
"Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention"


"Happy writing"
[it] coming!"
"Sign me up!"
"Where's your book!"

"It is an Honor to speak with you."

Dr. Kovachy

Dr. Jasuja

Hon. Zoe Lofgren
"Thank you for thinking to contact my office"

Thanks for the Lion medal Dorothy (4/2/05)

12/6/06: how sweet, I have a fan:


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